Subscription & Licensing FAQ

What am I buying when I get an ImageMan.Net Subscription ?

The ImageMan.Net components are sold on a Subscription basis. This means when you purchase one of these products you will receive 12 months of free updates for that product(s) from the date of purchase. This includes all new major upgrades as well as minor updates, fixes and email and forums support.  After the 12th month and at your discretion you can renew the subscription and continue to receive the benefits of the subscription. If you choose not to renew then you can continue to use the latest version released prior to the expiration of your subscription.

Note that you can renew a subscription after it has expired but if you do not renew it within 30 days of the expiration then the cost to renew will increase.

What happens if I don't renew my Subscription ?

You can continue to use the components but will not have access to the latest code, support or updates. Your expired subscription can be renewed, should you not do so within 30 days of expiration however the cost will be greater.

How many developers does a license cover ?

Each developer who uses the ImageMan.Net components must obtain a license. With the license the developer can install the components on a primary machine and laptop if desired. For groups of developers we offer our Team Subscription plans which cover up to 5 developers at only twice the cost of a single developer subscription.

Are there any royalties with your products ?

Our ImageMan.Net toolkits are 100% royalty free.

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