Case Studies

One of the best ways of evaluating Data Techniques' products is to hear from our customers.

Daniel McBryde and Gregory Pavlot, The Supreme Court of Virginia Dept. of Judicial Information Technology.


The Supreme Court of Virginia uses ImageMan to drive its automated record retrieval system. The system enables district courts to scan all criminal records.

Question: What do you do at the VA Court System?

Daniel McBryde: I am the Manager of our Records Imaging team at the Supreme Court of Virginia.

Question: Can you tell me a little about what this internal application does? And how it uses ImageMan?

Daniel: We developed an application that enables a district court to scan all criminal files into a Records Management System thereby automating all case file document retrieval.

Question: How hard/easy was it implementing ImageMan?

Gregory Pavlot: We had no problems while implementing ImageMan. The documentation was sufficient to get us started, with excellent code examples provided.

Question: What kinds of tech support issues have come up and how has DTI responded?

Gregory: At one point, we had difficulty getting scanned images to print correctly. DTI responded with sample code that solved the problem quickly. We have been pleased with the level of support that DTI offers with ImageMan.

Question: What attracted your organization to ImageMan.Net in the first place?

Daniel: Easy straightforward licensing, .NET compatibility, auto-deskew ability.

Tim Kennedy, Experior Healthcare Systems


One of the nation's most trusted heath care information companies, Experior Healthcare Systems trusts ImageMan .Net to power its patient insurance card/photo scanning systems.

Question: How big is Experior Health Systems?

Tim Kennedy: We have around 30 employees.

Question: Which products are you using ImageMan in? Are these major products?

Tim: We use the ImageMan product to enable our users to scan patient insurance cards and patient photos. These are both features of our main application. We have clients all over the US using our software.

Question: How hard/easy was it implementing ImageMan?

Tim: The implementation of ImageMan was fairly easy using the code examples available with the product.

Question: What kinds of tech support issues have come up and how has DTI responded?

Tim: One time we had a problem with a license file that we had requested and Data Techniques created a new one for us in a very timely manner. Another time we had a client back out of a license purchase and Data Techniques allowed us to return the license file no questions asked.

Question: What attracted Experior to ImageMan in the first place?

Tim: Product functionality. It gave us the features that we needed in our software.

Question: Would you recommend ImageMan to other commercial software vendors?

Tim: Yes. They have been very easy to work with.

Tim: P.S. I have to add that Sean has been great to work with. He always responds in a timely manner.