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Data Technique's family of ImageMan toolkits provides the imaging functionally professional developers need to build robust applications. ImageMan lets you build - royalty free - applications that load, process, display, modify, print and scan images in over 35 raster and vector image formats. Each toolkit comes with detailed and commented source code examples, well-written documentation, professional, developer-to-developer technical support via email, telephone, forums and fax and our proven record of providing Windows developers with the tools and information they need to build great applications.

ImageMan DLL Suite

The well-supported 32 Bit DLL Imaging Library designed for building high performance imaging, scanning and document management applications in environments that support calling functions in DLLs such as Visual C++.

  • Supports 35 Raster and Vector File Formats including JPEG 2000.
  • Optimized for Size - Complete libraries are less than 3 MBs.
  • Modular architecture - ship only the code/format support you need.
  • TWAIN scanner support.
  • Over 45 transitional effects.
  • Optional royalty free PDF Export & Import addons including support encrypted and multipage PDF.

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  • Single Developer License $995
  • Team License (5 Developers) $1990

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60 day money back guarantee: Because we're confident our FaxMan and ImageMan Software lines will meet and surpass your developer expectations, we can and do offer a 60 day money-back guarantee on our software.

The ImageMan Evaluations are fully featured releases which periodically display a trial dialog and will expire in the future.

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