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Data Technique's family of ImageMan toolkits provides the imaging functionally professional developers need to build robust applications. ImageMan lets you build - royalty free - applications that load, process, display, modify, print and scan images in over 35 raster and vector image formats. Each toolkit comes with detailed and commented source code examples, well-written documentation, professional, developer-to-developer technical support via email, telephone, forums and fax and our proven record of providing Windows developers with the tools and information they need to build great applications.

ImageMan ActiveX Suite

A decade of continuing enhancement, ongoing support and improved functionality.

  • Support for 35+ raster and vector image formats including JPEG 2000, FlashPix, Photo CD, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, RLE, DIB, EPS, GIF, PNG, TGA, IMG, DXF, PCX, DCX, PDF(* with optional PDF Import/Export Addons).
  • Image processing features including filters like embossing, edge detection, blur, sharpen, and more. Adjust Brightness, Contrast and Gamma. Interpolated Scaling for the best image quality. Rotate images by hundredths of degrees. Mirror, flip and invert. Automatic Thumbnail generation.
  • Antialiasing support makes displaying scaled high quality black and white images easy. Automatic thumbnail generation is a function call. Support for reading and writing multi page TIFF files including support for Group 3/4 compression assures compatibility with document management standards. Deskew method for correcting scanned images.
  • ImageMan ActiveX Suite includes support for TWAIN compatible scanners, frame grabbers and digital cameras. It only takes a few lines of code to acquire an image from any supported device and ImageMan ActiveX Suite also has lower level functions that allow you to scan from an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) and control image attributes such as resolution, color depth, scan area and more. Includes support for both 16 & 32 bit TWAIN Sources.
  • The ImageMan ActiveX Suite Special Effects control includes over 50 special image transitional effects.
  • Complete code samples in Visual Basic 6, C# and VB.Net.
  • Simple, easy licensing and 100% Royalty Free runtime Distribution.
  • Optional royalty free PDF Export & Import addons including support encrypted and multipage PDF.

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  • Single Developer License $495
  • Team License (5 Developers) $990

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60 day money back guarantee: Because we're confident our FaxMan and ImageMan components will meet and surpass your developer expectations, we can and do offer a 60 day money-back guarantee on our software.

The ImageMan Evaluations are fully featured releases which periodically display a trial dialog and will expire in the future.

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