FaxMan SDK Version 4 Upgrade

Industry standard fax integration

For over the past decade, the FaxMan family of software components has provided up-to-date and comprehensive fax send and receive functionality to developers building custom, internal and commercial software. FaxMan's robust feature set, skillful software architecture, detailed sample projects and guaranteed compatibility means a no-surprises development experience for you.

FaxMan SDK Version 4 Upgrade

A decade of continuing enhancement, ongoing support and improved functionality.

  • Terminal Services Support
    Both the FaxMan clients, server and printer drivers are now Terminal Services aware allowing your applications to work automatically under Windows Terminal Services..
  • Microsoft Vista & Windows 7 Support
    Our new new printer drivers include support for Microsoft Vista  and Windows 7 including both 32 and 64 bit editions
  • .Net Components
    New .Net Fax and Printer controls make developing .Net based fax applications a snap.
  • ASP.Net Support
    Use the new .Net controls to build fax enabled web applications using ASP.Net.  Bindable Log and Modem collections allow you to use any Data aware grid for displaying your log or modem data.
  • Class 2.1 FaxModem Support
    Support for Class 2.1 and V.34 support boosts Fax transmission speeds from 14.4K to 33.6K. Save time and long distance charges with page transmission times as low as 3 of seconds for a standard page. Recommended modems include the Multitech 5634ZBA V.92 series and Mainpine multi port cards.
  • Simplified Printing Architecture
    The new printer architecture simplifies development and deployment of applications.
  • New SQL based Log Database
    Our new Log database utilizes a SQL query language simplifying application development and providing performance enhancements internally.
  • Service Support
    The FaxMan server now support running as a service under Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003.
  • CoverPage Retention Support
    Optionally retain generated cover pages for applications that must maintain audit trails of sent faxes.
  • FaxMan Server Enhancements
    Enhanced communications support internally to maximize transmit and receive reliability. The FaxMan server no longer attempts to send a fax to a number already in use.

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