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IDrawing Interface Members
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DTI.ImageMan Namespace : IDrawing Interface

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The following tables list the members exposed by IDrawing.

Public Properties

 PropertyBackColorGets or sets the color in the background.  
 PropertyBrushGets or sets the brush for filling in backgrounds.  
 PropertyChildrenGets or sets the children of this object.  
 PropertyEnabledGets or sets a value indicating whether this IDrawing is enabled.  
 PropertyFontGets or sets the font used for drawing text.  
 PropertyForeColorGets or sets the color in the foreground.  
 PropertyHandlesA collection of handles used to modify a selected object.  
 PropertyHeightGets or sets the height.  
 PropertyLeftGets or sets the left.  
 PropertyLocationGets or sets the location.  
 PropertyParentThe Parent of this object.  
 PropertyPenGets or sets the pen for drawing borders and lines.  
 PropertyPointsGets or sets the points used to draw this object.  
 PropertyRectilinearGets or sets a value indicating whether this IDrawing is rectilinear.  
 PropertySizeGets or sets the size.  
 PropertyTagGets or sets a user defined tag.  
 PropertyTopGets or sets the top.  
 PropertyTransparencyGets or sets a value indicating whether this IDrawing is transparent.  
 PropertyVisibleGets or sets a value indicating whether this IDrawing is visible.  
 PropertyWidthGets or sets the width.  

Public Methods

 MethodCopyCopies this drawing primitive to the specified destination.  
 MethodDrawDraws this object to the specified ImGraphic surface.  
 MethodMyHandleOverloaded. Does this handle belong to me?  
 MethodMyPointOverloaded. Does this point belong to me?  
 MethodSelectSelects this object, and displays it's handles or cursor for editing.  
 MethodSetBoundsSets the bounds.  
 MethodUpdateChildrenThis call allows for children to update themselves.  
 MethodUpdateParentThis call lets the parent know that a child has updated itself, or made modifications to the parent.  

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