ImageMan.Net Version 3 Summer 2012 Release
DTI.ImageMan Namespace (DTI.ImageMan)
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Contains general imaging classes including those related to Image Collections.


ClassAsyncLoadException Thrown when an exception occurs when loading images asynchronously.
ClassDrawingBase DrawingBase implements the IDrawing interface
ClassDrawingBezier Used to draw one or a series of Bezier curves
ClassDrawingBlank Does nothing, simply implements the parent interface and by default draws a blank rectangle.
ClassDrawingEllipse Used to draw an Ellipse.
ClassDrawingFillEllipse Used to Fill in an Ellipse.
ClassDrawingFillPie Used to Fill a Pie Slice or a Pie missing a slice shape.
ClassDrawingFillPolygon Used to Fill in a polygon or multi sided shape.
ClassDrawingFillRectangle Used to fill in a rectangle.
ClassDrawingFillRoundedRectangle Fills in a Rectangle with Rounded Corners.
ClassDrawingFreeHand Used to Draw a Free Hand Line made of multiple points.
ClassDrawingImage Draws an ImImage.
ClassDrawingLine Used to draw a Line.
ClassDrawingPie Used to Draw a Pie Slice or a Pie missing a slice shape.
ClassDrawingPolygon Used to draw a polygon or multisided shape.
ClassDrawingRectangle Used to draw a rectangle.
ClassDrawingRoundedRectangle Used to draw a rectangle with rounded corners.
ClassDrawingString Used to draw a string of text.
ClassImageCollection This collection holds ImImage objects to simplify dealing with multiple images.
ClassImageCollectionChangedEventArgs Provides data for image collection changed event.
ClassImageEventArgs Provides data for image related events.
ClassImGraphic The ImGraphic class can be used to draw either onto an ImImage object, or directly onto an windows handle to a Device Context (hDC).
ClassInputDialog Input Dialog for setting numbers or text.
ClassMarkArc A Mark that is an Arc, or more accurately, a segment of an ellipse or circle.
ClassMarkBase MarkBase a common implementation of the IMark interface.
ClassMarkBezier A Mark that is a Bezier curve, or continual line made up of several Bezier curves.
ClassMarkEllipse A Mark that is an Ellipse or Oval.
ClassMarkFreehandLine A Mark that is a continuous line made of many shorter line segments.
ClassMarkImage A Mark that is an Image.
ClassMarkLabel A Mark that is a Text Label.
ClassMarkLine A Mark that is a straight line made of two points.
ClassMarkOverlay A Mark that is an Overlaying image.
ClassMarkPie A mark that is a pie.
ClassMarkPolygon A Mark that is a Polygon or multisided shape.
ClassMarkRectangle A Mark that is a rectangle, with or without rounded corners.
ClassMarkRedaction A Mark that is a redaction object.
ClassMarkString A Mark that is a String of Text.
ClassPageLoadedEventArgs Provides data for the PageLoaded event.
ClassPageSavingEventArgs Provides data for the PageSaving event.
ClassPointChangedArgs Point Changed Arguments
ClassPoints A collection of points used for drawing
ClassWangAnnotations Used for reading or writing Wang Annotation information


InterfaceIClipboard The IClipboard interface is provided in case marks wish to implement their own Clipboard support/
InterfaceIDrawing IDrawing is a public interface for Drawing several objects using the same interface.
InterfaceIKeyStrokes The IKeyStrokes interface is provided in case marks need to interact with key events.
InterfaceIMark Mark interface, is an interface that all Annotation Marks share.
InterfaceIUndo The IUndo interface is provided in case marks wish to implement their own Undo support.


DelegateImageCollection.AsyncExceptionEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the PageLoaded event.
DelegateImageCollection.CollectionChangedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the CollectionChanged event.
DelegateImageCollection.ImageChangedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the ImageChanged event.
DelegateImageCollection.ImageChangingEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the ImageChanging event.
DelegateImageCollection.PageLoadedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the PageLoaded event.
DelegateImageCollection.PageSavingEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the PageSaving event.
DelegatePointChangedHandler Point Has Changed handler
DelegatePoints.PointChangedHandler Represents the delegate that is called when points are changed


EnumerationBackgroundOpacity Background Opacity for specifying clear or solid background
EnumerationCollectionEventType Specifies the type of event that occurred on the collection.
EnumerationDrawTextFormatFlags Format Flags for calling Draw Text.
EnumerationImageMirrors Display only Image Mirrors for real time display conversion
EnumerationImageRotations Display only Image Rotations for real time display conversion
EnumerationPenRasterOperation PenRasterOperation
EnumerationWangAnnotationType The Wang Annotation Types

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