ImageMan.Net Version 3 Summer 2012 Release
DTI.ImageMan Namespace (DTI.ImageMan.Core)
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Contains classes that contain the core imaging functionality of ImageMan.Net


ClassDecoderCollection A collection of all the registered ImageMan Image decoders
ClassImageException This exception is thrown when there is a problem with the image.
ClassImageInfo Small container object for storing minimal image information
ClassImageLoadException This exception is thrown when Loading an image fails.
ClassImageProcessException This exception is thrown when processing an image fails.
ClassImDecoder ImDecoder parent class will be used to define other derivative classes.
ClassImImage ImageMan Image Object
ClassImPalette Palette class
ClassProcessEventArgs The Process Event Arguments available in status events.
ClassProcessEvents The Process Events object
ClassRegisteredDecoders A collection of all the registered ImageMan Image decoders
ClassRegisteredEncoders A collection of all the registered ImageMan Image encoders
ClassResolution Resolution information
ClassSeekableReadOnlyStream Implements a seekable read-only stream which uses buffering if underlying stream is not seekable. Buffer in memory has size threshold and overflows to disk (temporary file) if number of bytes.
ClassVirtualStream Implements a virtual stream, i.e. the always seekable stream which uses configurable amount of memory to reduce a memory footprint and temporarily stores remaining data in a temporary file on disk.


InterfaceImEncoder ImEncoder interface for saving images to a stream.
InterfaceImMultiPageEncoder The ImMultiPageEncoder Interface allows for saving multiple images to a single file.
InterfaceIProcessImage IProcess Image interface for modifying images


DelegateProcessEventHandler The Process Event Handler


EnumerationPaletteType The Palette Type
EnumerationPixelFormat The pixel format of the image
EnumerationResolutionUnits Resolution Units
EnumerationVirtualStream.MemoryFlag Memory handling.

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