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MergeCommand Class Members
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DTI.ImageMan.Commands Namespace : MergeCommand Class

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The following tables list the members exposed by MergeCommand.

Public Constructors

Public ConstructorMergeCommand ConstructorCreates a new instance of a MergeCommand object  

Public Properties

Public PropertyApplyAlphaMaskUse Alpha mask when combining images  
Public PropertyColorMatchToleranceGets or Sets the Color Match Tolerance allows for close matches while comparing the transparent color with the overlay image pixels to see if they should be copied.  
Public PropertyCreateAlphaFromColorDataGets or Sets the Create Alpha information  
Public PropertyMergeOperationGets or Sets the Merge Operator used to combine pixels.  
Public PropertyNewImageReturns True if the Process method returns a new image or False if the original image is returned.  
Public PropertyOpacityGets or Sets the opacity for the overlay image.  
Public PropertyOverlayImageThe Overlay Image is the image that will be layered over the source image.  
Public PropertyProcessHandlerGets or Sets the ProcessEventHandler delegate which can be used to view the process of the current operation.  
Public PropertyTransparentColorGets or Sets the Transparent Color  
Public PropertyTransparentIndexGets or Sets the Transparent palette index  
Public PropertyTransparentIndexArrayGets or Sets the Transparent index array  
Public PropertyUseAlphaChannelUse the Alpha channel  
Public PropertyUseBlueChannelUse the Blue channel  
Public PropertyUseGreenChannelUse the Green channel  
Public PropertyUseRedChannelUse the Red channel  
Public PropertyxOffsetGets or Sets the x offset for the overlay image.  
Public PropertyyOffsetGets or Sets the y offset for the overlay image.  

Public Methods

Public MethodProcessMerge two images  

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