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FilterCommand Class Members
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DTI.ImageMan.Commands Namespace : FilterCommand Class

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The following tables list the members exposed by FilterCommand.

Public Constructors

Public ConstructorFilterCommand ConstructorCreates an instance of a FilterCommand object.  

Public Properties

Public PropertyFilterKernelGets or Sets the filter kernel to be used.  
Public PropertyKernelHeightGets or Sets the Kernel height of the filter kernel.  
Public PropertyKernelOffsetGets or Sets the Kernel offset for adjusting color  
Public PropertyKernelScaleGets or Sets the Kernel scale for decimal values  
Public PropertyKernelWidthGets or Sets the Kernel width of the filter kernel.  
Public PropertyNewImageReturns True if the Process method returns a new image or False if the original image is returned.  
Public PropertyProcessHandlerGets or Sets the ProcessEventHandler delegate which can be used to view the process of the current operation.  

Public Methods

Public MethodDisposeOverloaded.   
Public MethodGetKernelFilterGet an individual kernel value  
Public MethodProcessFilter the Image  
Public MethodSetKernelFilterSet an individual kernel value  

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