ImageMan.Net Version 3 Summer 2012 Release
DTI.ImageMan.Commands Namespace (DTI.ImageMan.Codecs)
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Contains classes that implement image processing commands.


ClassBlotCommand Blot out an area on a piece of the image
ClassBrightnessCommand Adjust the brightness of the image
ClassContrastCommand Contrast the image
ClassCropCommand Crop a piece from the image
ClassDeskewCommand Deskew the image
ClassFilterCommand Apply a filter to an image
ClassGammaCommand Adjust the Gamma color value for the image
ClassInvertColorsCommand Invert colors
ClassMergeCommand Merge two images
ClassMirrorCommand Mirrors the entire image
ClassModifyBitDepthCommand Modify the bit depth of the image.
ClassRotateCommand Rotate the image
ClassScaleCommand Scale the entire image or a portion of the entire image
ClassSeparateColorChannelCommand Returns one color Channel from an image
ClassThumbNailCommand Creates a new instance of a Thumbnail of the specified image. Creates a thumbnail of the original image.


EnumerationColorChannels Color Channels
EnumerationDeskewSpeeds Deskew Speed
EnumerationDitherOptions Dithering Options
EnumerationFilterKernels Filter Kernels
EnumerationMergeOperations Image Merge Operations
EnumerationMirrorOptions Mirror Options
EnumerationPaletteOptions Palette Options
EnumerationScaleOptions Scale Options

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