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PngAttributes Class Members
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DTI.ImageMan.Codecs Namespace : PngAttributes Class

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The following tables list the members exposed by PngAttributes.

Public Constructors

Public ConstructorPngAttributes ConstructorPng PngAttributes default constructor.  

Public Properties

Public PropertyAuthorGets or Sets the Author  
Public PropertyBackgroundGets or Sets the Background color for images with transparency.  
Public PropertyChromacityGets or Sets the Chromacity  
Public PropertyCommentGets or Sets the Comment  
Public PropertyCompressGets or Sets the compression level for this image.  
Public PropertyCompressTextFieldsGets or Sets the Compress Text property.  
Public PropertyCopyrightGets or Sets the Copyright  
Public PropertyCreationTimeGets or Sets the CreationTime  
Public PropertyDescriptionGets or Sets the Description  
Public PropertyDisclaimerGets or Sets the Disclaimer  
Public PropertyFilterSet the filter for this image.  
Public PropertyGammaGets or Sets the Gamma  
Public PropertyInterlaceDetermines if the Png image will be interlaced.  
Public PropertySoftwareGets or Sets the Software  
Public PropertySourceGets or Sets the Source  
Public PropertySuggestedBitDepthGets or Sets the Suggested Bit Depth.  
Public PropertyTitleGets or Sets the Title  
Public PropertyTransparencyArrayGets or Sets the Transparency Array  
Public PropertyTransparentColorGets or Sets the Transparency Color  
Public PropertyTransparentIndexGets or Sets the Transparency Index  
Public PropertyWarningGets or Sets the Warning  

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