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GifDecoder Class Members
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DTI.ImageMan.Codecs Namespace : GifDecoder Class

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The following tables list the members exposed by GifDecoder.

Public Constructors

Public ConstructorGifDecoder ConstructorCreates a new instance of a GifDecoder.  

Public Fields

Public Field_decoderThe instance of the specific decoder (Inherited from DTI.ImageMan.Codecs.DecoderBase)

Public Properties

Public PropertyAttributesGets a GifAttributes object for the current image.  
Public PropertyCommentGets the Comment String.  
Public PropertyFilterStringReturns a file filter string compatible with the OpenImageDialog or OpenFileDialog classes. (Inherited from DTI.ImageMan.Codecs.DecoderBase)
Public PropertyFrameDelayGets the delay in miliseconds between frames.  
Public PropertyFrameHeightGets the frame height of the image  
Public PropertyFrameLeftGets the left offset of the image  
Public PropertyFrameTopGets the top offset of the image  
Public PropertyFrameTransparencyIndexGets the transparent palette index for this frame.  
Public PropertyFrameUseTransparencyDetermine whether Transparency is applied or not.  
Public PropertyFrameWidthGets the frame width of the image  
Public PropertyGifFrameDisposalMethodGets the frame disposal method.  
Public PropertyGlobalBackgroundColorGets the Global Background Color which is for portions of the canvas without an image.  
Public PropertyGlobalPaletteGets the global palette which can be used by more than one frame in a multiple page image.  
Public PropertyInterlacedDetermines if the Gif image will be interlaced.  
Public PropertyPageOverridden. Gets or sets the current page number.  
Public PropertyPagesOverridden. Returns the Page Count for the entire image.  
Public PropertyPlainTextGets the Plain Text Field  
Public PropertyScreenHeightGets the overall height of the display area.  
Public PropertyScreenWidthGets the overall width of the display area.  
Public PropertyStreamSets or gets the stream containing the image to be loaded (Inherited from DTI.ImageMan.Codecs.DecoderBase)
Public PropertyUseGlobalPaletteDetermines if the global palette is used for this frame.  
Public PropertyUseLocalPaletteDetermines if the local palette is used for this frame.  

Public Methods

Public MethodCloneOverridden.   
Public MethodDisposeOverloaded. Overridden. Releases the resources used by the GifDecoder.  
Public MethodGetImageInfoReturns an ImageMan ImageInfo object for the current image in the stream. (Inherited from DTI.ImageMan.Codecs.DecoderBase)
Public MethodIsImageReturns true if a decoder can load the image in the stream (Inherited from DTI.ImageMan.Codecs.DecoderBase)
Public MethodLoadLoads an ImImage object from the stream. (Inherited from DTI.ImageMan.Codecs.DecoderBase)
Public MethodLoadAttributesOverridden.   
Public MethodStatusUsed for firing the ProcessEventHandler (Inherited from DTI.ImageMan.Codecs.DecoderBase)

Protected Methods

Protected MethodFinalize (Inherited from DTI.ImageMan.Codecs.DecoderBase)

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