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ImGraphic Class Members
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DTI.ImageMan Namespace : ImGraphic Class

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The following tables list the members exposed by ImGraphic.

Public Constructors

Public ConstructorImGraphic ConstructorOverloaded.   

Public Properties

Public PropertyBackgroundOpacityThe Background opacity for drawing the background behind text, defaults to Opaque (draw a background).  
Public PropertyDpiXGets the horizontal resolution in dpi X.  
Public PropertyDpiYGets the vertical resolution in dpi Y.  
Public PropertyFontFont for drawing Text  
Public PropertyhDCGets or Sets the handle to the Device Context for this class  
Public PropertyPenRasterOperationSets the Pixel Copy Operation  
Public PropertyTextBackgroundColorWill fill the background behind the text with this color when using an opaque background.  
Public PropertyTextColorThe Text Color  
Public PropertyUnderlyingImageReturns underlying image for merging results  

Public Methods

Public MethodDisposeOverloaded. Frees the memory for the associated images  
Public MethodDrawArcOverloaded. Draw an arc.  
Public MethodDrawBezierOverloaded. Draw Bezier curve.  
Public MethodDrawBeziersOverloaded. Draw Bezier curve.  
Public MethodDrawEllipseOverloaded. Draw an Ellipse  
Public MethodDrawImageDraw an ImImage on the ImGraphics object.  
Public MethodDrawImageUnscaledDraw an unscaled ImImage on the ImGraphics object.  
Public MethodDrawImageUnscaledAndClippedDraw and clip and unscaled ImImage on the ImGraphics object.  
Public MethodDrawLineOverloaded. Draw a Straight Line on the Image.  
Public MethodDrawLinesOverloaded. Draw a continues line made of many line segments on the image.  
Public MethodDrawPieOverloaded. Draw a section of a pie, may look like a slice of pie, or may look like a pie missing a slice.  
Public MethodDrawPolygonOverloaded. Draw a Polygon. Uses default method of winding.  
Public MethodDrawRectangleOverloaded. Draw a Rectangle  
Public MethodDrawRoundedRectangleOverloaded. Draw a Rounded Rectangle  
Public MethodDrawStringOverloaded. Draws the string.  
Public MethodFillEllipseOverloaded. Fill in an Ellipse.  
Public MethodFillPieOverloaded. Fill in a section of a pie, may look like a slice of pie, or may look like a pie missing a slice.  
Public MethodFillPolygonOverloaded. Fill a Polygon. Uses default method of winding for figuring whether an enclosed area needs to be filled or not.  
Public MethodFillRectangleOverloaded. Fill a Rectangle  
Public MethodFillRoundedRectangleOverloaded. Fill a Rounded Rectangle  
Public MethodGetCurrentTransformWhat is the current transform?  
Public MethodGetHdcGets the windows handle to the Device Context (HDC).  
Public MethodGetNearestColorGets the nearest color match in the current palette.  
Public MethodMeasureStringOverloaded. Measures the string.  
Public MethodReflectionTransformThe Reflection Transform  
Public MethodReleaseHdcReleases the windows handle to the Device Context (HDC).  
Public MethodRestoreTransformResets the transform.  
Public MethodRotateTransformThe rotation transformation.  
Public MethodScaleAndTranslateTransformSets up both the scalar and translation transformations.  
Public MethodScaleTransformSets up a Scalar transformation.  
Public MethodTranslateTransformSets up a translation transform.  
Public MethodWorldTransformTransforms drawings done to the Graphics object. Make sure to call ResetTransform, when done.  

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