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ImageCollection Class Members
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DTI.ImageMan Namespace : ImageCollection Class

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The following tables list the members exposed by ImageCollection.

Public Constructors

Public ConstructorImageCollection ConstructorInitializes a new instance of the ImageCollection class.  

Public Fields

Public FieldProcessCallbackRepresents the delegate that is called as images are loaded, saved and processed.  

Public Properties

Public PropertyAsyncLoadingGets or sets a value indicating whether the Load method works asynchronously to load images in the background.  
Public PropertyAutoDisposeGets or Sets a value indicating if the collection should automatically call Dispose on each of its images when it itself is disposed of.  
Public PropertyCapacity (Inherited from System.Collections.CollectionBase)
Public PropertyClearOnLoadGets or Sets a value indicating if existing images in a collection should be cleared when the Load method is called.  
Public PropertyCount (Inherited from System.Collections.CollectionBase)
Public PropertyCurrentImageReturns the current image in the collection.  
Public PropertyCurrentImageIndexSets or Gets the index of the current image in the collection.  
Public PropertyIsLoadingReturns a value indicating if an image file is currently being loaded asynchronously.  
Public PropertyItemGets or sets the ImImage at the specified index.  
Public PropertyLoadAttributesGets or Sets a value indicating of the attributes of supported image types should be loaded and assigned to the ImImage Attributes property when the Load method is called.  

Protected Properties

Protected PropertyInnerList (Inherited from System.Collections.CollectionBase)
Protected PropertyList (Inherited from System.Collections.CollectionBase)

Public Methods

Public MethodAddAdds the specified image.  
Public MethodCancelLoadCancels the image load in progress when AsyncLoading is true.  
Public MethodClear (Inherited from System.Collections.CollectionBase)
Public MethodContainsDetermines whether the collection contains the specified image.  
Public MethodDisposeOverloaded. Frees the memory for the associated images  
Public MethodGetEnumerator (Inherited from System.Collections.CollectionBase)
Public MethodIndexOfReturns the Index of the specified image.  
Public MethodInsertInserts the Image at the specified index.  
Public MethodLoadOverloaded. Opens the image file specified by filename and loads all images into the collection.  
Public MethodMoveFirstSets the current image to the first image in the collection.  
Public MethodMoveLastSets the current image to the last image in the collection.  
Public MethodMoveNextSets the current image to the next image in the collection.  
Public MethodMovePreviousSets the current image to the previous image in the collection.  
Public MethodOpenInternalOpens the image contained in the stream and loads the specified pages into the collection  
Public MethodProcessImageApply an Image processor to the current page  
Public MethodRemoveRemoves the specified image.  
Public MethodRemoveAtRemoves the image from the specified index.  
Public MethodSaveOverloaded. Saves all the images in the collection to the specified filename using the default encoder for the specified file extension. If the encoder does not support writing multi page files then an exception will be thrown. If a non standard file extension is specified or the extension is not support by any of the encoders in the RegisteredEncoders collection then an exception will be thrown indicating an encoder could not be found.  

Protected Methods

Protected MethodOnClear (Inherited from System.Collections.CollectionBase)
Protected MethodOnClearCompleteOverridden.   
Protected MethodOnImageChangedRaises the ImageChanged event.  
Protected MethodOnImageChangingRaises the ImageChanging event.  
Protected MethodOnInsert (Inherited from System.Collections.CollectionBase)
Protected MethodOnInsertComplete (Inherited from System.Collections.CollectionBase)
Protected MethodOnPageLoadedRaises the PageLoaded event.  
Protected MethodOnPageSavingRaises the PageSaving event.  
Protected MethodOnRemove (Inherited from System.Collections.CollectionBase)
Protected MethodOnRemoveComplete (Inherited from System.Collections.CollectionBase)
Protected MethodOnSet (Inherited from System.Collections.CollectionBase)
Protected MethodOnSetComplete (Inherited from System.Collections.CollectionBase)
Protected MethodOnValidate (Inherited from System.Collections.CollectionBase)

Public Events

Public EventAsyncExceptionFired when a error occurs during an asynchronous operation  
Public EventAsyncProcessCompletedFired when the current image changes  
Public EventCollectionChangedFired when the collection changes.  
Public EventImageChangedFired when the current image changes  
Public EventImageChangingFired before the current image changes  
Public EventPageLoadedFired when a page is loaded  
Public EventPageSavingFired when a page is going to be saved.  

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