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ThumbNail Class Members
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DTI.ImageMan.Winforms Namespace : ThumbNail Class

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The following tables list the members exposed by ThumbNail.

Public Properties

Public PropertyCheckedReturns true if the Thumbnail's checkbox is checked  
Public PropertyFileNameReturns the name of the image file including path information  
Public PropertyHeightReturns the height of the image in pixels  
Public PropertyImageReturns an Image object that contains the thumbnail for the image  
Public PropertyImageFormatReturns a string containing the image format of the image  
Public PropertyLengthReturns the length of the image file in bytes.  
Public PropertySelectedGets or Sets a value indicating if the thumbnail is selected.  
Public PropertyShortFileNameReturns the name of the image file without the path information  
Public PropertyTagGets or Sets an object that contains data about the ThumbImage object.  
Public PropertyUserTextGets or Sets Text that can be displayed in the thumbnail caption.  
Public PropertyWidthReturns the width of the image in pixels  
Public PropertyXResReturns the horizontal resolution of the image in pixels per inch.  
Public PropertyYResReturns the vertical resolution of the image in pixels per inch.  

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