ImageMan.Net Version 3 Summer 2012 Release
DTI.ImageMan.Winforms Namespace
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Contains classes that implement the ImageMan.Net Winforms controls.


ClassAnnotation The Annotation class, is tightly coupled with the Viewer Class. It implements Creating, Modifying, Displaying, Saving, Printing, and Branding of Annotation Marks.
ClassAnnotationMarkEventArgs Annotation Mark Arguments, used to see which mark has changed.
ClassAnnotationToolstrip The AnnotationToolStrip class provides a ToolStrip object pre-populated with common annotation tools. A Toolstrip object pre-populated with the ImageMan.Net Annotation tools. USed in conjunction with the Annotation component and the Viewer control.
ClassMarks The Marks collection is used to store a group of objects that implement the IMark interface.
ClassOpenImageDialog Displays a File Open dialog allowing the user to preview images and select a file or files to be opened. This control extends the OpenFileDialog class to include a preview image pane and also contains a filter string that displays only supported image formats.
ClassScrollableView Creates a ScrollableView class. This is an internal class used by ImageMan.Net
ClassSelectRectangle A rectangle which represents a selection on the image.
ClassThumbClickEventArgs Provides data for the ThumbClick event.
ClassThumbDraggedEventArgs Provides data for the ThumbClick event.
ClassThumbNail Encapsulates a thumbnail image used in the Thumbnail viewer control.
ClassThumbNailViewer The Thumbnail Control displays image thumbnails.
ClassToolArc The Arc tool draws a portion of an Ellipse.
ClassToolBase A base implementation of the ITool interface
ClassToolBezier The Bezier tool draws a sequence of Bezier curves.
ClassToolEllipse The Ellipse tool is used to draw elliptical marks.
ClassToolFreehandLine The freehand line tool draws a continuous line, often in response to mouse movements.
ClassToolHighlight The highlight tool, draws a light rectangle over the underlying text, so you can still see some of what is below the highlight as well.
ClassToolImage The Image tool draws an image.
ClassToolLine The Line tool is used to draw lines.
ClassToolNote The Note tool draws an Attach-A-Note.
ClassToolOverlay The Overlay tool draws an overlay image over the base image.
ClassToolPie The Pie tool draws either a slice of a pie, or a pie missing a slice, or somewhere in between.
ClassToolPolygon The Polygon tool is used to draw a continuous closed circuit of line segments that uses the default winding to fill them in.
ClassToolRectangle The rectangle tool is used to draw rectangular marks.
ClassToolRedaction The Redaction tool covers the underlying image, so it is no longer readable, even when opened in other software.
ClassTools A collection of tools for drawing Annotation Marks.
ClassToolSelect The Select tool is used to modify or move existing marks.
ClassToolString The String tool draws text.
ClassToolTextStamp The Text Stamp tool draws a label.
ClassViewer ImageMan Viewer


InterfaceITool The ITool interface is an encapsulation of the properties needed to display a tool and associate it with an IMark interface.


DelegateThumbClickEventHandler A method that gets called when a user clicks on a ThumbNail
DelegateThumbDraggedEventHandler A method that gets called when a user drags a ThumbNail
DelegateViewer.AsyncExceptionEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the PageLoaded event.
DelegateViewer.PageLoadedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the PageLoaded event.


EnumerationEncryptionMethod Specifies the encryption to be used in protecting redacted image data
EnumerationMouseFunctions Specifies the functions that can be assigned to a Mouse button.
EnumerationMouseWheelBehaviors Specifies the behavior of the MouseWheel in the control.
EnumerationPenStyles Pen Styles
EnumerationScaleMode Specifies how the image is scaled in the control.
EnumerationScrollbars Specifies which scrollbars if any should be displayed
EnumerationThumbNailViewer.CheckBoxAlignmentOptions Specifies the placement of the Checkbox relative to the thumbnail
EnumerationThumbNailViewer.ScrollBarMode Specifies the which Scrollbar to use.
EnumerationThumbNailViewer.ThumbStyles Specifies how the Thumbnails should be drawn
EnumerationToolButtonImageSize The Tool Button Image Size

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