FaxMan SDK Version 4.7
Using the Printer ActiveX Control


The Printer ActiveX control is used to respond to printer events from the FaxMan printer drivers. Once an instance of the control is added to your application you’ll need to set the PrinterName property to the name of the printer driver instance associated with your application.


The value of the PrinterName property must match the name of the Printer in the windows printers folder in order to get print events.

When your application is running and a print job is completed the PrintComplete  event will be fired in the control. You can then get the details of the print job by calling the GetNextPrintJob method to get a PrintJob object which contains the details of the print job.


Installing the Printer Driver

Your application can call the IsPrinterInstalled method to check if the printer specified by the PrinterName property is installed. If the printer isn't installed, the InstallPrinter method can be called to install the printer. This method will create a printer with the name specified in the PrinterName property. By default print files are created in the Windows temp directory unless a different location is specified by the PrintFilesPath property when the printer is installed using the InstallPrinter method.




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