FaxMan SDK Version 4.7
Using the ActiveX Controls

Getting Started

The FaxMan ActiveX controls provide an easy way to harness the functionality of the FaxMan server from environments that support ActiveXs (what used to be called OLE controls or OCXs). 


The FaxMan control provides two basic functions: first, it provides a visual log interface which displays the FaxMan log entries; second, it provides a programmatic interface for creating, scheduling, and receiving faxes and for configuring the FaxMan server. Your application is not required to use the FaxMan log interface, but you must make sure the control is visible–if you don’t want to see it, just make it extremely small or move it off the visible portion of the form. If the control’s visible property is not ON, it will not function properly.


The ActiveX Printer control provides support for configuring, installing the printer driver and handling printer driver events.


The name of the FaxMan ActiveX control is faxocx40.ocx and it should be located in your Windows system directory. The faxocx4.lic file must also be located in your Windows system directory for the control to be used in development mode. The license file is not required for running your application in runtime mode and may not be distributed with your applications.


The ActiveX controls should have been installed and properly registered on your system during the installation process. Consult the documentation for your programming environment for instructions on adding the ActiveX controls and accessing their properties.


Quick Start

This Quick Start section will show you briefly how to prepare the FaxMan control and send your first fax. The idea is to give you a quick overview of how it all works, then explain the details later.


The general steps required to send a fax are as follows:



To send a simple fax (say the FaxMan.FMF file we include as part of your cover pages), the code looks like this:


FaxMan1.FaxFiles = "faxman.fmf"

FaxMan1.FaxNumber = "555-1111" 'fake number

FaxMan1.SendFax ‘send the fax


Although this is a very basic introduction, you can see that in general, sending a fax is pretty easy to do.



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