FaxMan SDK Version 4.7
Using the FaxMan Fax Logs

Every fax that is sent or received using FaxMan is assigned a unique FaxID and also stored in the FaxMan Logs which are a database of all sent, pending and received faxes.


An application can track the progress of Faxes by subscribing to the FaxComplete, FaxSending, FaxPending, FaxReceived and FaxFailed event handlers which are fired when faxes are added to each log.


The SendFax method returns a FaxId for each scheduled fax and this ID can be used with the FindFax method to retrieve the details of that specific fax at anytime. The  PendingLog, CompletedLog, ReceivedLog and FailedLog properties each return a collection of all the Fax objects in the specified log. The QueryLog method can be used to get a collection of faxes that meet a user specified criteria such as all faxes to a given recipient, etc. The log collection properties are all bindable collections which can be bound to controls like the DataGrid to display the log contents.


Faxes can be deleted from the FaxMan logs by calling the DeleteFax method with the FaxId of the fax to be removed. When the fax log entry is deleted any associated sent coverpage file and any fax files with an extension of .fmf will be deleted.



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