FaxMan SDK Version 4.7
Upgrading Version 3 Fax Logfiles to Version 4

The v4dbImport.exe utility is used to convert FaxMan V3 database files into Version 4 format. This is a console based application which can be be called from a dos commandline or from an installer. This utility is located in the <FaxManInstallDir>\redist subdirectory.




This usage will attempt to open the faxlog32.* files in the current directory and will write the faxman4.db file in the current direectory.


v4dbimport -log:c:\faxman3\faxlog32.dbf -out:c:\faxman4\faxman4.db

Using the -log and/or -out: commandline parameter you can specify the path of the V3 logfiles or the location of the V4 fax database file. Note you must include the full path and filename when specifying either of these options.


Additional Commandline options 


This options forces the converter to keep the same fax id for a fax in the Version 4 database. Without this option new IDs will be assigned starting at 1.



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