FaxMan SDK Version 4.7
SEND_FAX Structure

SEND_FAX Structure Definition


typedef struct tagSendFaxStruct {
 // FaxMan uses these first 3 items for security
 // Don't change them unless you know what to do with 'em
 char  sentinel[4];    //should be 'FMAN'
 WORD  wStructRev;     //revision # of structure
 WORD  wStructSize;    //size of structure, including variable strings
 LPSTR  szRecipName;   //who the fax is to
 LPSTR  szRecipFax;    //destination fax phone number
 LPSTR  szSubject;     //what the fax is about
 LPSTR  szSenderName;  //who the fax is from
 LPSTR  szBanner;      //defines the banner line for this fax
 LPSTR  szCoverPage;   //file containing cover page
 LPSTR  szComments;    //String containing fax comments
 LPSTR  szSenderCompany; // Senders company
 LPSTR  szRecipCompany;  //company of the fax recipient
 LPSTR  szSenderFax;    // Senders Fax #
 LPSTR  szSenderVoice;  // Senders Voice Phone #
 LPSTR  szUserDefined;  //client-specific string
 char  szLocalID[FAXIDLEN];  //Fax ID of sending station ***LocalID***
 SHORT  nTimeout;       //Timeout val
 SHORT  nRetries;       //# of retries
 SHORT  nRetryDelay;    //seconds before a retry
 SHORT  nYear;          //year to send (1970-2038)
 SHORT  nMonth;         //month to send (1-12)
 SHORT  nDay;           //Day to send
 SHORT  nHour;          //hour to send (0-23)
 SHORT  nMin;           //minute to send (0-59)
 SHORT  nSecond;        //second to send (0-59)
 SHORT  nSendRes;       //requested resolution to send fax - 0=low, 1=high
 LPSTR  szFileList;     //list of files to fax
 SHORT  nReqPort;       // requested comm port

 // items below here are filled in by FaxMan - clients shouldn't change them.
 char  szAppName[APPNAMESIZE]; //name of app that sent the fax
 char  szRemoteID[FAXIDLEN]; //String ID of the fax we're connected to
 char  szGenCoverPage[MAX_PATH]; // Name of generated cover page
 DWORD  dwSpeed;        //Connect speed
 SHORT  nFaxRes;        //Fax resolution (0 = LOW, 1 = HIGH)
 SHORT  nTotPages;      //# of pages in this fax (total)
 SHORT  nTotCurPage;    //current page (total)
 SHORT  nCurPages;      //# of pages in current file (faxfile)
 SHORT  nCurPage;       //currently sending page in current file
 SHORT  nPagesSent;     //actual # of pages sent (may be different from nTotPages)
 SHORT  nPercent;       //percent complete on current page
 DWORD  dwID;           //FaxMan Generated "handle" to this fax
 SHORT  nHangCode;      //+FHNG result (it's int 'cause it's initialized to -1)
 SHORT  nPort;          //comm port
 SHORT  nRetryCnt;      //actual # of retries attempted by server
 SHORT  nSendYear;      //time of actual transmission
 SHORT  nSendMonth;   
 SHORT  nSendDay;  

 SHORT  nSendHour;   
 SHORT  nSendMin;   
 SHORT  nSendSecond;  
 DWORD  dwDuration;      //duration of send event
 SHORT  faxclass;        //type of faxmodem we're dealin' with
 WORD  wLog;             //current log this fax is in
 SHORT  fs;              //current fax state (dialing, waiting, connected, etc...)
 SHORT  fe;              //current fax error state (if applicable)
 WORD  wPriority;        //priority of this fax
 SHORT  nQueue;          //queue this fax will be placed into
 char  szStrs[1];        //strings



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