FaxMan SDK Version 4.7

The FaxMan SDK Installer will allow you to select the destination directory and also what components will be installed. We recommend installing using the defaults selections of the FaxMan SDK, although you are free to install only those portions you wish.


FaxMan ships with sample code for:



If you want remove FaxMan from your machine, you can use the Add/Remove options from the Control Panel.


Testing your Installation

After running the installation program, you should be able to run the sample applications which you installed. If the SDK was installed properly you should notice that the FaxMan server was started when the sample application started up. The server is represented by a small Globe in the Tray Icon area of the system bar. 

Once the sample application is running you'll need to select the appropriate menu option to AutoConfigure the modems for the FaxMan server. This causes the server to look at all the COMM ports on the system looking for fax modems. When a fax modem is located it will be added to the list of fax modems that the FaxMan server will use. Once the modems have been detected you should be able to send a fax. If no modems are detected you'll need to make sure the modem is attached, powered on and that the comm port is not being used by some other application.

Once a modem or modems have been configured you can use the sample application to send a fax. You can send a simple 1 page fax by selecting a coverpage and entering the destination fax number and some comments in the sample application.



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