FaxMan SDK Version 4.7
Getting Started with the .Net Controls

Adding the controls to your project

To Add the FaxMan .Net components to your Visual Studio toolbox:

  1. Right Click in the Visual Studio Toolbox and select the Add/Remove Items... menu option.
  2. The Customize Toolbox dialog should appear
  3. Scroll down and select the FaxMan and FaxPrint components
  4. Close the dialog and the FaxMan and FaxPrint controls should appear in the Visual Studio toolbox.


Drag and drop the controls onto the form in your application. The controls are non-visual and will appear in the form's component tray.


FaxMan .Net Component Overview

The FaxMan control provides methods, properties and events for your application to control the FaxMan engine including sending, receiving, configuring the engine and manipulating the fax logs.


The FaxPrint control provides methods, properties and events allowing your application to detect, install and configure Fax printers. It also provides the PrintComplete event which allows applications to capture print job details. This component is only required if your application requires Fax printers to create faxable files.


Supported Framework Versions

FaxMan ships with .Net 2.0 assemblies located in the <installdir>\dotnetcontrols directory and .Net 4.0 assemblies located in <installdir>\dotnetcontrols\net40.




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