FaxMan V 4 Printer Control
FmPrinter Object Members
Public Methods
Public Method GetNextPrintJobReturns a PrintJob object for the next print job or null if no print jobs exist.
Public Method InstallPrinterInstalls a FaxMan printer driver with the name specified in the PrinterName property.
Public Method IsPrinterInstalledReturns True if the printer specified by the PrinterName property is installed.
Public Method PrinterDefaultsReturns a PrinterDefaults object which can be used to get or set the default print settings for the printer specified by the PrinterName property.
Public Properties
Public Property LastErrorReturns the error code for the last error encountered.
Public Property LastErrorStringReturns a string describing the last error that occurred when installing the printer driver.
Public Property LogPrinterInstallationSet to True to generate a printer install log in the same directory as the control.
Public Property PrinterNameSpecifies the name of the printer associated with this application.
Public Property PrintFilesPathSpecifies the directory in which the printer driver should place fax files.
Public Property PrintJobCountReturns the number of fax print jobs in the print queue.
Public Event PrintCompleteFired when a print job is added to the print queue.
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