FaxMan SDK Version 4.7
FaxMan Server Configuration Options


In addition to the command-line options, there are several configuration options for the server which can be set and interrogated programmatically from your application. Be aware that these are global options, and should not be set arbitrarily from your application; rather, your application should provide some sort of user interface for displaying the current settings and allowing the user to alter them. In this way you can be sure that the configuration is consistently what the user has asked for, whether it was set from your FaxMan application or another on the system.



When set to ON, your FaxMan system will automatically begin listening for incoming calls on all faxmodems that have been configured to receive faxes.



This is the character string used to identify your faxmodem when receiving faxes. This string, which is limited to a maximum of 20 characters, will be transmitted to the calling fax machine during the initial negotiation phase of the fax process.



Set this option to a value of Paused to pause the server from sending and receiving faxes. Set this to a value of Running to set the server back to operating status. Any fax jobs in progress when this is set to Paused will be completed and then the server will be idle until the status is set back to Running.



When set to ON, the server (faxman4.exe) will automatically close itself about a minute after all faxmodems enter the idle state. Note that if AutoReceive is ON and any faxmodems are configured for reception then this state will never be reached, and the server will never automatically shutdown. This feature allows you to minimize memory usage when FaxMan isn't required (although FaxMan does not have a large memory footprint).



This item specifies the path for received fax files to be placed in. If this string is not present or specifies an invalid path then all faxes will be placed in the same directory as the FaxMan server (faxman4.exe).



BannerFont is set to the name of the typeface to use for the banner. For example BannerFont=Arial , Courier, Times New Roman, etcetera. Default is a fixed system font that changes size if it is a high or low-resolution fax.



BannerSize allows the user to specify the size of the BannerFont. BannerSize is set to the height of the font in 200 dpi units, for example a value of 20 would be 1/10" tall. Default is a fixed system font that changes size if it is a high or low-resolution fax.



When set to ON, the FaxMan server will keep a copy of the coverpage that was generated for each fax sent.  The name of the coverpage will be stored in the szGenCoverPage field of the SEND_FAX structure. The temp files will be placed in the directory specified by the CoverPageDir server option.



Specifies the directory in which cover page files will be placed when the RetainCoverPages option is enabled. The FaxMan server must have read/write privileges in the specified directory.



Specifies the number of days that fax logs should be retained. Logs older than this will be deleted automatically as FaxMan runs. The default value for this setting is 3 days.



When set to ON, the FaxMan server will not display it’s icon in the traybar area.



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