FaxMan SDK Version 4.7
FaxMan Server Command line Options

There are several options you can utilize for starting the FaxMan server; these are specified on the command-line when invoking the application. These are as follows:


/install - installs the FaxMan engine as an automatically starting Windows Service.

/installmanual - installs the FaxMan engine as a manually starting Windows Service.

 /remove - removes the FaxMan Service from a system


/H - starts the server in "hidden" mode. The server displays nothing whatsoever on screen, including its icon, but continues to execute in the normal manner. The only way to shutdown the server in this case is either to turn on the AutoShutdown configuration property or close the server manually (using the FaxCloseServer DLL function, the ShutDownServer ActiveX method or the ShutdownServer .Net component method).





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