FaxMan V 4 ActiveX Control
AutoDetect Method
Forces the FaxMan server to detect installed modems.
Visual Basic
Public Sub AutoDetect() 

This method causes the FaxMan server to iterate through all installed comm ports and determine whether there is a faxmodem attached to that port. Although control is returned to your application immediately, this process may take several seconds to complete. Therefore, your app should wait for the ConfigurationDone event before reading the DeviceCount property and examining the installed faxmodems.


In general, your app will want to auto-detect faxmodems rarely; certainly, you will not want to auto-detect on a timer, or even every time your application starts up. FaxMan keeps a record of which faxmodems currently installed, and doesn't need to have this refreshed unless a device is added or removed. For this reason, you may want to add an option to your application to allow the user to perform an auto-detect at their discretion, since hopefully the user will have some idea when faxmodems are altered.


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