FaxMan V 4 ActiveX Control
AddDevice Method
Specifies the COMM port to be added.

Adds the device specified by nPort as a faxman fax device.

Visual Basic
Public Sub AddDevice( _
   ByVal nPort As Integer _
Specifies the COMM port to be added.

This method allows an application to configure a given port to work with the FaxMan system. AddDevice will check the given port for a faxmodem and store this information in the FaxMan configuration file (faxman4.ini).


Note that this function can take up to several seconds to complete. During this time your application will continue running. Your application will be notified when the function has completed through the ConfigurationDone event.


Once a port has been added to the FaxMan server it does not need to be added again unless the port has been deleted. You application does not need to call this function on startup for instance.

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