FaxMan V 4 ActiveX Control
FaxItem Object Members
Public Properties
Public Property LogCommentsReturns the comments that were associated with a sent fax.
Public Property LogCompanyGets the FaxCompany field of a sent fax which should contain the sending company.
Public Property LogCoverPage

Returns the name of the coverpage used, if any, with a sent fax.

Public Property LogDateReturns the date the fax was sent.
Public Property LogDuration

Returns the duration of the fax transmission.

Public Property LogFiles

Returns the names of the files sent or received.

Public Property LogFrom

Returns the sender's name of a fax.

Public Property LogHangupCodeReturns the HangupCode returned by the faxmodem when the fax was transmitted using class 2 or 2.0 operation.
Public Property LogID

Returns the FaxMan ID of the fax.

Public Property LogNumberReturns the phone number the fax was sent to.
Public Property LogPagesReturns the number of pages in the fax.
Public Property LogPagesSentReturns the number of pages sent.
Public Property LogPortReturns the Port of the Modem on which the fax was sent or received.
Public Property LogPriorityReturns the priority of the fax.
Public Property LogQueueReturns the Queue the fax was assigned to.
Public Property LogRemoteID

Returns the Station ID string of the remote Fax machine.

Public Property LogResolutionReturns the resolution the fax.
Public Property LogRetryCount

Returns the number of times this fax has been retried.

Public Property LogSentDateReturns the Date the fax was sent.
Public Property LogSentTimeReturns the Time the fax was sent.
Public Property LogSpeedReturns the speed at which the fax was sent or received.
Public Property LogStatus

Returns a string describing the Status of the fax.

Public Property LogStatusIDX

Returns an integer describing the Status of the fax.

Public Property LogSubjectReturns the Subject of the fax.
Public Property LogTime

Returns the time the fax was scheduled to be sent.

Public Property LogToCompany

Returns the recipient's Company name.

Public Property LogToNameReturns the Recipient's name.
Public Property LogUserDataReturns the user defined data associated with this fax.
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