FaxMan SDK Version 4.7
FaxMan and newer Windows Versions

FaxMan SDK fully supports running under Microsoft Vista and newer Windows versions but there are some issues to be aware of when running under Windows versions after Windows XP.

Unlike previous versions of Windows, new versions really encourage users to run with limited permission accounts instead of running as Administrators. The FaxMan client interfaces and components all support running under limited user accounts. The FaxMan engine however must run as an Administrative user and has a UAC manifest to this effect.


Printer Installation

Since installing a printer driver under newer OSes requires administrative privileges we recommend you install any FaxMan printers in your installation program which should already be running with Administrative privileges.


Run FaxMan as a service

The FaxMan engine must run as an administrator as it needs to create global objects which can only be done with administrative privileges. When a FaxMan enabled client application starts the FaxMan engine, the OS  will display a UAC (User Account Control) dialog prompting the user to allow the FaxMan application to startup. By running the FaxMan engine as a service this dialog is not displayed providing a better user experience. The FaxMan engine can be installed as a service from your installer by calling the faxman4.exe with the -install or -installmanual command line options.




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