FaxMan SDK Version 4.7

WORD FaxLogNextBlock(PAPPINFO pApp, PSEND_FAX FAR * pFax, WORD FAR * nEntries)

Used in conjunction with FaxLogInit. Allows an application to enumerate fax log entries.







PAPPINFO Returned from FaxRegisterApp


PSEND_FAX FAR * Pointer to a SEND_FAX structure to receive information on the next entries.


WORD FAR * Pointer to an integer that specifies the number of log entries to return. When the function returns, this variable contains the number of log entries returned.


Return Value

The function will set the nEntries variable to zero when no more entries exist in the log.


The pFax function will point to a memory block that contains the sequential log entries . To advance the pointer to the next log entry in the block, add the size of the current entry to the pointer. The size of the current block can be found in the pFax->wStructSize member variable. See the example code for a C/C++ code fragment that does this.


It is the application's responsibility to free the memory block pointed to by pFAX after the function returns. This can be done using the GlobalFreePtr() macro in windowsx.h.



Using this function is preferable to calling the FaxLogNext function as that function returns only one log entry at a time. This function has less overhead since it retrieves multiple entries at one time.




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