FaxMan SDK Version 4.7

int FaxEnumDevices(PAPPINFO pApp)


This function causes the FaxServer to iterate through each faxmodem under it's control and send a message to your application concerning the state of that device as described in the FAXDEVICEstructure.





PAPPINFO Returned from FaxRegisterApp


Return Value

This function returns FAX_ERR_NOSERVER (-2)  if it was unable to load/find the server and returns FAX_OK (0) otherwise.



The server will call the SendMessage function to report the current state of all installed faxmodems, meaning that your application should be ready to process the FAXMODEMMSG messages which are sent to your application.


The FAXMODEMMSG will pass as the lParam a pointer to a FAXDEVICEstructure.



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