FaxMan SDK Version 4.7

WORD FaxCreate(PAPPINFO, LPSTR lpFiles, LPSTR lpFileName, DWORD dwFlags)


Allows an application to convert monochrome BMP, PCX, or TIFF images into valid FaxMan fax files.





PAPPINFO Returned from FaxRegisterApp


LPSTR List of files to convert into a single fax file (separated by "+").


LPSTR The Name of fmf file to create


DWORD Flags to use when creating the fax file. Should be 0 unless using the PDFImport Addon.


Return Value

The return value is FAX_OK (0) on success. On failure, the return value is the (1-based) index of the first file which failed to convert.



Allows an application to convert monochrome BMP, PCX, DCX, TIFF and ASCII Text file into valid FaxMan fax files.


This function is used to create faxable files from existing monochrome images. The files to be converted are listed as a single string of files separated by pluses (for example, "c:\images\covrltr.bmp+c:\pg1.tif+c:\pg5.txt"). The resultant file is a single multi-page faxman fax file.



ASCII text files are defined as any file which is not a BMP, PCX, DCX, or TIFF file and which does not contain any NULL data.


That this function will scale images that are wider than 1728 pixels down to 1728 pixels. Images that are narrower than 1728 pixels will have white space added to pad them to 1728 pixels.



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