FaxMan SDK Version 4.7

int FaxCloseServer(PAPPINFO pApp)


Closes the FaxMan Fax Server immediately, without regard to the currrent send or receive status of any device.





PAPPINFO Returned from FaxRegisterApp


Return Value

Returns FAX_ERR_NOSERVER (-2)  if the Fax Server could not be located/loaded, otherwise returns FAX_OK (0).



This function will cause the server to close all ports assigned to it and remove the server from memory. This function should be used with great caution as you can immediately terminate a device that is currently either sending or receiving a fax transmission.



Use this function only when you need to take immediate control of all the communications devices, use FaxSetConfig() with a parameter of AutoShutDown in all other cases.


This function will take a moment to complete so that all the open ports may be shut down correctly.



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