FaxMan SDK Version 4.7



lParam PPRINTSTAT contains the status of the completed print job.


When the FaxMan printer driver has completed printing a document, your application will receive a FAXPRINTMSG containing the results of the printing process. The PRINTSTAT structure pointed to by the lParam passed with this message contains the number of pages printed, the full path and filename of the output file generated, and the status of the print job.


The following code fragment shows how to work with the FAXPRINTMSG message:




ps = (PPRINTSTAT)lParam;

switch (ps->pStat) {

 case PRN_OK: //printing completed OK


 PRN_ABORT: //aborted by user - output file incomplete


 PRN_DISKFULL: //full disk error - output file incomplete


 PRN_ERROR: //some other undefined error





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