FaxMan SDK Version 4.7
DataTech.FaxManNet Namespace (DTI.FaxMan)
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassFax Encapsulates all the properties used for sending or receiving a fax.
ClassFaxEventArgs Provides data for the events in the FaxMan object.
ClassFaxMan Encapsulates all the methods and properties for interacting with the FaxMan server.
ClassFaxManException A FaxMan Exception
ClassLog A collection of Fax objects.
ClassModem Encapsulates all the details about a modem in the FaxMan Server.
ClassModems A collection of the modems configured in the FaxMan server.
ClassServer Encapsulates Server related functionality.
ClassServerConfigEventArgs Provides data for the ServerConfigChanged event in the FaxMan object.
DelegateFaxMan.FaxHandler Represents the method that will handle the FaxReceived, FaxComplete, FaxPending, FaxFailed, FaxSending and FaxStatus events for the FaxMan object.
DelegateFaxMan.ModemDetectCompletedHandler Represents the method that will handle the ModemDetectCompleted event for the FaxMan object.
DelegateFaxMan.ServerConfigChangedHandler Represents the method that will handle the ServerConfigChanged event for the FaxMan object.
EnumerationFaxError Specifies the Error state of the fax.
EnumerationFaxLog Specifies the current Fax log.
EnumerationFaxResolution Specifies the Fax Resolution
EnumerationFaxStatus Specifies the Status of the fax.
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