FaxMan SDK Version 4.7
Modems Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by Modems.

Public Properties
Public PropertyAllowEdit  
Public PropertyAllowNew  
Public PropertyAllowRemove  
Public PropertyIsSorted  
Public PropertyItemReturns a Modem object for the specified COMM port.  
Public PropertySortDirection  
Public PropertySortProperty  
Public PropertySupportsChangeNotification  
Public PropertySupportsSearching  
Public PropertySupportsSorting  
Public Methods
Public MethodAddIndex  
Public MethodAddModemAdds the Specified Port to the FaxMan server modem list.  
Public MethodAddNew  
Public MethodApplySort  
Public MethodAutoDetectCauses the FaxMan Server to detect installed fax devices.  
Public MethodFind  
Public MethodPortReturns the Modem object for the requested Commport  
Public MethodRemoveOverloaded. Removes the Modem from the list of available modems in the FaxMan server.  
Public MethodRemoveIndex  
Public MethodRemoveSort  
Public Events
Public EventListChanged  
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