FaxMan SDK Version 4.7
Modem Class Properties

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Public Properties
Public PropertyInitSpecifies the Init string sent to this modem upon initiation of fax sending or receiving.  
Public PropertyIsClass1Specifies if this device supports Class 1 fax commands.  
Public PropertyIsClass10Specifies if this device supports Class 1.0 fax commands.  
Public PropertyIsClass2Specifies if this device supports Class 2 fax commands.  
Public PropertyIsClass20Specifies if this device supports Class 2.0 fax commands.  
Public PropertyIsClass21Specifies if this device supports Class 2.1 fax commands.  
Public PropertyMaxSpeedSpecifies the Maximum Baud Rate at which to send or receive faxes. The default value of -1 indicates the maximum speed of the device. Other allowable values are 4800, 7200 and 9600.  
Public PropertyPortReturns the COMM port associated with this modem.  
Public PropertyQueueSpecifies the Queue which this modem belongs to.  
Public PropertyReceiveSpecifies if the modem can be used to receive faxes. Both this property and the AutoReceive property of the FaxMan server must be set to True for faxes to be received.  
Public PropertyResetSpecifies the modem command string used to reset the device prior to sending or receiving a fax. The default is ATZ which should work for most all modems.  
Public PropertySendSpecifies if the Modem can be used to send faxes.  
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