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The following tables list the members exposed by Fax.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorFax ConstructorCreates a Fax object that can be used to send a fax.  
Public Fields
Public FieldFaxFilesA collection of strings specifying the fax files for this fax.  
Public Properties
Public PropertyBannerSpecifies the Banner text to be used when sending the fax  
Public PropertyCommentsSpecifies comments to appear on the fax cover page  
Public PropertyCompanySpecifies the recipient's company. (Optional)  
Public PropertyCoverpageSpecifies the cover page to be used when sending the fax  
Public PropertyDurationReturns the Duration of the fax transmission in seconds.  
Public PropertyFaxErrorReturns the Error which caused the fax to fail.  
Public PropertyFaxIdReturns the FaxId which is an numeric ID which uniquely identifies this fax in the FaxMan log database.  
Public PropertyFaxNumberSpecifies the recipient's fax number.  
Public PropertyFaxStatusReturns the Status of the fax.  
Public PropertyFilesReturns the fax files associated with this fax. Multiple files are allowable and filenames will be delimited with '+' characters i.e. c:\fax1.fmf+c:\fax2.fmf  
Public PropertyGenCoverPageReturns the name of the coverpage associated with the fax.  
Public PropertyHangupCodeReturns the Class 2/2.0/2/1 Hangup Code. A value other than 0 or -1 indicates an error.  
Public PropertyLogReturns which fax log contains the fax job.  
Public PropertyNameSpecifies the fax recipient's name. (Optional)  
Public PropertyPagesSentReturns the number of Pages of the Fax that were sent.  
Public PropertyPercentageCompleteReturns the percentage complete of the current page when a fax is being transmitted.  
Public PropertyPortSpecifies the port on which the Fax should be sent. Unless a fax must be sent on a specific port we recommend leaving this value at the default of zero which indicates that FaxMan should send the fax on the first available port.  
Public PropertyPrioritySpecifies the priority of the fax job. Can be set to a value from 0 (Highest) to 99 (Lowest). Faxes of a higher priority will be sent before those with lower priorities even if the lower priority fax is older.  
Public PropertyQueueSpecifies the Queue on which this fax can be sent. Queues can be used to route outbound faxes on specific faxe devices. (Optional)  
Public PropertyRemoteIDReturns the Station ID of the remote fax machine.  
Public PropertyResolutionSpecifies if the fax should be sent or received at High (204x196) or Low (204x98) resolution.  
Public PropertyRetriesSpecifies the number of retry attempts to be made if the transmission fails.  
Public PropertyRetryCountReturns the number of Retries that ocurred when attempting to send the fax.  
Public PropertyRetryIntervalSpecifies the interval in seconds between attempts when retrying a failed fax.  
Public PropertySendDateTimeSpecifies the Date and Time the fax should be sent  
Public PropertySenderCompanySpecifies the Company Name of the Fax sender. (Optional)  
Public PropertySenderFaxSpecifies sender's Fax Number. (Optional)  
Public PropertySenderNameSpecifies the Name of the Fax sender. (Optional)  
Public PropertySenderPhoneSpecifies the Sender's Voice phone number. (Optional)  
Public PropertySentDateTimeReturns the the Date and Time the fax was actually sent. If the fax has not been sent yet the date returned will be 1/1/1.  
Public PropertySentPortReturns the port on which the fax was sent or received.  
Public PropertySpeedReturns the speed of the fax transmission.  
Public PropertyStationIDSpecifies the Fax StationID to be used when sending the. The StationID is a 20 character string which is often displayed in fax recv logs and on cover pages.  
Public PropertySubjectSpecifies the fax Subject. (Optional)  
Public PropertyTotalPagesReturns the total number of pages in the fax.  
Public PropertyUserDataAn optional string which can be used to store any fax specific data. The data is stored along with the fax in the FaxMan database.  
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