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The following tables list the members exposed by FaxMan.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorFaxMan ConstructorCreates a new FaxMan object which is used to communicate with the FaxMan service.  
Public Properties
Public PropertyCompletedLogReturns a collection of all the faxes in the Completed log.  
Public PropertyFailedLogReturns a collection of all the faxes in the Failed log.  
Public PropertyModemsReturns a collection of Modem objects which represent the Modems configured in the FaxMan Server.  
Public PropertyPendingLogReturns a collection of all the faxes in the Pending log.  
Public PropertyReceivedLogReturns a collection of all the faxes in the Received log.  
Public PropertySendingLogReturns a collection of all the faxes in the Sending log.  
Public PropertyServerReturns a Server object which can be used to configure the FaxMan Server.  
Public PropertySite  
Public Methods
Public MethodCancelFaxCancels the specified fax job and places the log entry in the failed log with a status of Cancelled.  
Public MethodDeleteFaxDeletes a specified Fax from the FaxMan database.  
Public MethodDispose  
Public MethodFindFaxReturns the Fax object for a given FaxId  
Public MethodImportFilesCreates a fax files from the specified input files.  
Public MethodQueryLogReturns a collection of all the faxes that meet the specified query.  
Public MethodSendFaxSchedules a fax to be sent  
Public MethodShutdownServerSpecifies the FaxMan Server should shutdown.  
Public Events
Public EventDisposed  
Public EventFaxCompleteFired when a Fax has completed sending.  
Public EventFaxFailedFired when a fax has failed sending.  
Public EventFaxPendingFired when a Fax is waiting to be sent.  
Public EventFaxReceivedFired when a Fax is received.  
Public EventFaxSendingFired when a fax is sending.  
Public EventFaxStatusFired while a fax is sending.  
Public EventModemDetectCompletedFired when the FaxMan server has completed Autodetecting modems after a call to AutoDetect.  
Public EventServerConfigChangedFired when a Server configuration option has changed.  
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