FaxMan SDK Version 4.7
Creating Faxable Files

Faxable files may be created in two ways: using either the FaxMan printer drivers or by importing TIFF, PDF*, BMP, PCX, DCX or ASCII text files .


Using the Printer Driver

In general, your application will generate probably 90% or more of the files it faxes through the use of the FaxMan printer driver. The FaxMan printer driver allows your users to generate multipage faxes from virtually any Windows application.


If you’ve read the section on the printer driver (and I’m sure you have!), then you know that it depends on your application for proper operation. During print time, your application will be called by the driver at the end of the print job. The control will fire the PrintComplete event at that time.


It is your application’s responsibility to do the following:


  • Set the PrinterName property if you wish to use a printer name other than the default of <appName> Fax Printer.  

  • In the PrintComplete event, your application can call the GetNextPrintJob method to get the details of the print job. This would also be the proper time to schedule this print job to be sent, and you may want to display a dialog box asking for user input (phone number, name, etc...)



Converting Files to Fax Format

The FaxMan Controls support converting files in TIFF, PDF*, PCX, BMP, DCX and ASCII text formats into FaxMan fax files. Only black and white image (1 Bit) files are supported; if you need to fax color files you can use our ImageMan product to load and convert them.


To convert files you should use the ImportFiles method, as shown below:


FaxMan1.ImportFiles "c:\faxes\temp.fmf", "c:\sample.tif+c:\cover.tif"


Note the output filename doesn’t have to end in fmf. It can end in any extension you please; fmf is only required if you wish the file to be deleted automatically when its corresponding log entry is deleted. If you will be using this file for several faxes, then you should not use the fmf extension; we recommend the fmp extension in this case, but you are free to choose what you wish.


*Requires optional PDF Import Addon



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