FaxMan SDK Version 4.7
Creating and Sending Faxes

What are Fax Files

FaxMan fax files are industry standard TIFF files containing pages that are 1 bit in colordepth, 1728 pixels in width, compressed using Group3 1-D compression and having byte aligned EOLs.


Creating Fax Files

Fax files can be created in one of two ways using FaxMan. The ImportFiles method can be used to create fax files by importing TIFF, BMP, PCX, DCX and optionally PDF* files. The 2nd method for creating files is using the FaxMan printer drivers to capture printed output from an application printing. Using the FaxPrint component you can install a FaxMan printer and be notified when applications print to the fax printer. The driver creates a faxable file for each print job.


Sending Faxes

Faxes are sent by calling the SendFax method and passing it a Fax object which describes the fax to be sent. The SendFax method returns the FaxId which uniquely identifies the scheduled fax.


The Fax can be canceled by calling the CancelFax method with its FaxId.


The FindFax method can be called with the FaxId to get the current status of the fax once its been scheduled.


* Requires optional FaxMan PDF Import Addon.



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