FaxMan Jr
Whats new in V 2.00

Version 2.00 of FaxMan Jr includes many new features including:


Class 2.1 Support for 33.6K Faxing

Class 2.1 modems include support for faxing at 33.6K which dramatically speeds up faxing when sending to or receiving from a 33.6K capable device. We recommend the Multitech ZBA5634 V.92 modems which are available in PCI, Serial and USB flavors and include Class 2.1 support. The Mainpine multi port modems that we resell also include several models that include class 2.1 support.


.Net Component

FaxMan Jr now includes fully managed .Net controls for faxing and handling the FaxMan printer driver. These controls are fully managed and do no rely on COM or need to be registered.


PDF Import Support

This optional new module allows FaxMan to create faxable files from an imported PDF file using the ImportFiles method or FaxCreate() function. Using this direct import support eliminates the troublesome process of automating Acrobat reader to print PDF files to the FaxMan printer driver. The FaxMan install includes a trial edition of this optional module which stamps imported PDF files with a watermark. For information or to order the add-on please visit our web site at http://www.data-tech.com/products/fax/faxpdf.aspx.


32 & 64 Bit User Mode Printer drivers for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista

FaxMan now includes 32 and 64 bit user mode printer driver which allows the drivers to be installed on Windows XP/2000/2003 and Vista operating systems. 





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