FaxMan Jr
Using the FaxInstall Utility


The faxinstall.bat file can be used to install a FaxMan Printer driver from a DOS console or from an Installer.


The fmprint4.ocx file must be located in the same directory as the faxinstall.bat. The ocx file is required even if you arent using the Print OCX control but need not be registered if you are not using the control otherwise.



faxinstall.bat <Path To Your Fax Application> <Printer Name>


faxinstall.bat <Path to Config File>


By passing both the Application Path and Printer Name to the batch file the printer will be installed with the specified name and with a default set of printing properties. Using the Ini file method allows you to specify printing defaults for paper size, resolution and orientation as well as the name of the driver and the associated executable path.


The configuration ini file must be an ASCII text file in the following format and must have a .ini file extension:



PrinterName=FaxTest Printer

AppPath=C:\Program Files\FaxMan3\Samples\Vbapp\Faxtest.exe





The parameters which can be specified in the ini file include: 



limit 24 characters

User friendly printer driver name

Default = "Fax Driver"



limit 255 characters

full path name to application associated with driver

No Default



1 = Low

2 = High, default



1 = Letter, default

2 = A4

3 = Legal



1 = Portrait, default

2 = Landscape



0 = Replace All files

1 = Replace non-system files only, default

2 = Replace no files only copy if files not present

3 = Do not copy any files


limit 255 characters

full path name to directory for creating files



limit 255 characters

Full path name of log file



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