FaxMan Jr
Using the Modems Collection

The Modems class makes it simple to find out what faxmodems are installed on a PC. Calling the AutoDetect method will cause the component to iterate thru the installed modems on the system and populate the Modems object with a collection of Modem objects describing the modems it found.


The Modem object contains properties which describe each modem including  what classes are supported, the commport and the init and reset strings.


The Class1, Class2, Class20 and Class21 properties return true if the modem supports that Fax Class. The FaxClass property is set to the Fax Class that will used to communicate with the modem. FaxMan Jr will set this to default value based on which classes the modem supports. Your application can override this default by setting this property to different class prior to setting the Modem property of the Faxing object. Note that if your application sets this to a class not supported by the modem then faxing will fail.


The Port property returns the Comm Port ID of the selected modem.


The Init string contains the initialization string that will be sent to the modem after sending the Reset string. The FaxMan Jr default string will work for most modems, though this can be changed should you need to add additional commands for your modem.


The Reset string is sent to the modem after the comm port is opened and would rarely need to be changed from the default.


// Sample Code for enumerating thru all the modems on a system




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