FaxMan Jr
Sending Faxes


Now that you’ve seen how to initialize a FaxMan Jr. control, it’s time to start sending faxes. If you went over the quick start tutorial earlier in the documentation, you already realize how easy it really is to send a fax. The steps you have to take are these:







The concept is pretty simple, as you can see in the following example:


Private Sub Send_Click()

 ‘initialize the faxmodem settings

 faxctl1.Port = 1

 faxctl1.Class = 1


 ‘set the cover page and phone number

 faxctl1.FxCoverPage = "cover1.pg"

 faxctl1.FaxNumber = "555-1212"


 ‘now set any optional properties for the coverpage

faxctl1.UserName = "Joe West"  ‘name of person sending the fax

faxctl1.UserCompany = "Jones & West, Inc." ‘name of company sending the fax

faxctl1.UserFaxNumber = "555-3131" ‘fax number of sender

faxctl1.UserVoiceNumber = "555-3130" ‘voice phone number of sender


faxctl1.FaxName = "Jane Smith" ‘name of the person you’re faxing to

faxctl1.FaxSubject = "Notes from the meeting" ‘subject of the fax

faxctl1.FaxCompany = "Smith Corp." ‘name of company you’re sending the fax to


‘Comments can be as long as you want, just remember that they’ve got

‘ to fit on the cover page.

faxctl1.FaxComments = "Just thought you might want a heads up on the meeting we had today."



End Sub


You should note that all of these settings will be retained, so things like UserName and UserCompany can be set once and used over and over.



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