FaxMan Jr
Receiving Faxes


Receiving faxes with FaxMan Jr. is just as simple as sending faxes, though you have less to do. Basically, all you do is to initialize a few properties and call the Receive method with the number of rings you want to see before answering.


A quick example is shown below:


Private Sub Receive_Click()

 faxctl1.Port = 1

 faxctl1.Class = FAX_1 ‘use Class 1

 faxctl1.Receive(2) ‘answer after 2 rings

End Sub


That’s pretty much all there is to it. FaxMan Jr. will attempt to receive a fax, firing notification events along the way, and will store the received fax file for you.


There are a couple of properties that can affect the receive process. These are as follows:


ReceiveDir Property – This is the directory where you want FaxMan Jr. to store received fax files. FaxMan Jr. defaults to storing faxes in the same directory that the FaxMan Jr. control is located, but through this property you can override that behavior. Note that if the directory you set is not valid, FaxMan Jr. will place received faxes in the default location.


Local ID Property – Setting this property before receiving allows your faxmodem to identify itself to callers. You can use up to 20 characters (more than this will be truncated).


Note that it is possible to set the number of rings to zero in order to begin receiving immediately. This can be useful in certain circumstances.



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