FaxMan Jr. Controls
WaitForEvent Method
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FaxmanJr Object : WaitForEvent Method

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Waits for a change in the control’s status.


Visual Basic
Public Sub WaitForEvent( _
   ByVal lWaitTime As Long _




This method should be called when using the control in non-event driven mode. This method sleeps until the control receives an event that would normally be fired using an event handler or until the time specified by dwInterval elapses. The dwInterval parameter is specified in milliseconds and should be between 100 and 5000 for best results. Querying the StatusObject property will return the Status Object describing the most recent event in the control.


NOTE: WaitForEvents() May Not Capture All FaxManJR Events


When programming FaxManJR, the WaitForEvents() function is not guaranteed to catch all of FaxManJr's events, as the method has a buffer of only one event and as a result, events can be overwritten.

There is a very narrow window of time that you can capture each event, and it is possible to miss key events such as the CompletionStatus Event.

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