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FaxCoverPage Property
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FaxmanJr Object : FaxCoverPage Property

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Specifies the coverpage to be used when sending a fax.


Property type

Read-write property


Visual Basic
Public Property FaxCoverPage As String


This string specifies the coverpage file to be used when sending a fax, and must be in either FaxMan Jr. coverpage or the Microsoft Fax coverpage formats. The file name should not include a path as all cover pages are assumed to be located in the FaxMan Jr. server directory. If no Coverpage is specified then the fax will not include a coverpage.


Faxes which consist of just a coverpage can be sent by just scheduling a fax without any attached files. In this case the FaxComments field would be set to some valuable text.


FaxMan Jr. includes support for the Microsoft Fax Coverpages which can be created with the Microsoft Fax Coverpage editor that shipped with Windows 95.

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